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Heirloom White Cornmeal

Our heirloom white cornmeal is milled from a variety of corn known as Hickory King.  The seed that begat this noble maize purportedly came from the indigenous peoples of Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. Eventually dubbed the king by colonists, it’s been a longtime favorite in southern Appalachia and beyond. This prolific white corn is especially favored for tortillas, tamales, pozole, and hominy because, upon slaking, the large kernels become very plump and the pericarp is easily removed. Every time we grind it into grits and meal, it fills the building with its distinct aroma, invariably leading someone to comment off-hand how good it smells in the mill.

Package Size: 2 lbs

Grown By: Keenbell Farm Hanover County, VA (non GMO acreage)

Good For: Cornbread

Heirloom White Cornmeal

Sales Tax Included
This will be delivered the second week of the month following order.
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