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Whole Spelt Flour-Deep Roots Milling

Spelt also known as farro grande--is one of the most versatile grains we mill. Simultaneously delicate and robust (it is equally suitable for bread and pastry), it’s applications are as far ranging as porridge, pilaf, pizza and pierogies. One of the wild grasses of the fertile crescent that spawned mediterranean agriculture, modern varieties are relatively unchanged from their ancient ancestors.

The variety we mill is Maverick, which is known for its soft texture and aromas of honey and hay. It is a finely ground, and sifted to a high extraction (95%).

Package Size: 5 lbs

Grown In: Dauphin county, PA

Good forGood for: pizza, pastries, pancakes

Whole Spelt Flour-Deep Roots Milling

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This will be delivered the second week of the month following your order.
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